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What is Bevy?



Bevy is a grassroots organization, practicing everyday peacemaking through the act of sharing stories.

“Bevy” means a group of something. We are a group of women encouraging girls ages 0 to 100, to tell their stories shamelessly, with confidence and authenticity, gathered around tables to see we are all part of a bigger story.

Sit down at a table with people who are different than us with an intent to listen and learn. Have a meal with strangers who become dear friends. Invite a neighbor we don’t know well over for coffee. Take soup to the neighborhood shut-ins, and dish it up, and sit with them while they savor it. Grab tapas and drinks with the new person at work so they feel included. Split that burrito or sub sandwich with someone…we have more than enough. Scoot over at the lunch table and make sure the person who is sitting alone knows they are wanted. Have “Thanksgiving” dinners regularly, with your “enemies” and offer them a cold glass of water. 

Our vision is simple: Bevy creates spaces around tables where each one of us is welcome to share our story, and where everyone is seen and heard.


Maybe the basic act of gathering at the table is where everyday peacemaking begins?


If you are interested to begin the peacemaking process in your circle of influence, email us. We’d love to help you get started! Bevy facilitates small gatherings, provides peacemaking resources and curriculum, hosts retreat weekends, and pilot groups for community gatherings. Get in touch with us here.