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Every Girl Matters

Every Girl Matters

OK, BEVIES! Here we go…

First, let me share my heart as the founder of Bevy. My heart regarding  “giving” and “collaboration” is that we will do it with the one in need in mind. Let me explain…there’s a whole movement right now making generosity and giving popular and trendy and it usually comes with big announcements about, “Hey, look what I did!” or “Hey, look what we did!”

Bevy isn’t doing that. Oh, we know we’ll make mistakes, but our heart is NOT TO DO THAT.

I’m not saying giving and telling about it is wrong, it’s just that giving isn’t about the giver, even though it may make the giver feel like a zillion bucks.

Thoughtfulness is a discipline of thinking outside of ourselves for just a minute and taking into account the need of another, and then doing something about it. So, in a beautiful way, it’s about them, but in a more grandeur way, it’s about God’s love and the ripple effects that happen when we ask ourselves, “How would that make me feel?”

So, there’s a great new site called “Costory” I joined it after they followed me on Twitter and I looked over their site a while. It’s a venue to share stories, like, co-author stories with short snippets and photos, and I love everything about it because it’s about collaborating, just up Bevy’s alley! It’s not just “my blog, my book, my website, my story…” It’s a collection of people coming together, rallying, to share a richer story, one bigger than ourselves. Ahhhhh!

And there is a story there that needs a photo of you holding the beautiful name of a female Nigerian student who must know she is being thought of, prayed for, and people are collaborating on her behalf…because every girl matters.

So, here is a public spreadsheet with the released names of the students of Chobik. (We will add names as they are released) In the left column you will see their names. The next column reads, “Costory” and the final column, “Praying for…”

  • Please put an “X” next to the name of the girl you will pray for, then write it on cardboard or a piece of paper with a dark marker.
  • Take a “selfie” close up, covering part of your face so the girl’s name is the focus of the picture, but leave a little of your mug so they know it’s a real person with a real heart sending love their way.
  • Then go to this link at Co-Story and see the example, and click the “Contribute” button.
  • Sign up for an account (this is quick and simple). (You can give or withhold as much info as you want…not every prompt is required, fyi)
  • There you will be given the opportunity to add a photo or make a contribution to the Co-Story.
  • For the “Photo Headline” type in “Every Girl Matters”.
  • For the “Photo Description” you need 100 words minimum, so type in the name of the girl you are praying for and leave her a message, but don’t type your name…remember? It’s about her…
  • That’s not just it…then stop what you are doing and spend some time praying…write her name out a few times, pray for her family, friends, her captors, for healing and wholeness and God’s love to surround those girls in the midst of this terrible human atrocity!

Remember also, on the spreadsheet just put an “X”, not your name, and if you aren’t able to join the Co-Story this time, please put an “X” in the “Praying for…” column next to the girl.

Bevy will be using Co-Story as a venue for other stories in the future, so the more Bevies, the merrier!

Thank you for letting these girls know they matter!

Some Exciting News!

Hi Bevies!  We’d love to share some exciting news with you!  For quite some time now my daughter has asked me if she could launch a kids’ branch of Bevy.  I’ve spent a lot of time praying about this, especially because I wanted it to be something born from her heart and not just my desire to work alongside her, if that makes sense?

Late last Fall she and I read the book, “Love Does” by Bob Goff.  We were both profoundly impacted by Bob’s ability to share stories and inspired with each one.  The whole concept is essentially, instead of talking about loving others, do it, because love does.  As we finished the book, we were saddened it was over, but encouraged for our lives to be part of the next chapters.  Bob’s name has come to be commonplace in our house, Emily referring to his stories often and even catching herself, wondering if she knows him in real life or was just that drawn into his writings, it was comfortable.  She’s even asked me if we can have him and his family over to dinner.

Through prayer and a little nudge from Bob Goff, my daughter is launching Bevy Kids, a branch of Bevy, where kids will encourage other kids to live life authentically.

Imagine, a generation starting out on a path of authentic living, encouraging one another in their unique differences, celebrating each other.  No bullying, just bravery.  Yeah, I know!  It makes my heart soar, too!

Without further ado, I introduce to you the new President of Bevy Kids, Emily.  Emily is 11 and in 6th grade.  Next year she has asked to be homeschooled so she can run with the vision of Bevy Kids, gathering kids in her community to encourage each other and serve together, along with bevies of kids around the country and world.  She has a dog who thinks its a cat, is a patient big sister, loves traveling and chocolate, does fashion design, has a pen pal in Kenya, and loves quietly collaborating for people in need.  Emily will be sharing as a regular contributor on the Bevy Blog.

This has been a dream of mine, but I had to hide it in my heart and hope it would one day be a dream of hers, as well.

This has been a dream of mine, but I had to hide it in my heart and hope it would one day be a dream of hers, as well.