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A Bevy Outreach to Single Moms in Denver

(an ornament given by my grandmother to my grandfather while they were dating in the 1920's)

(an ornament given by my grandmother to my grandfather while they were dating in the 1920’s)

Hi Bevies!

We just received word from a local non-profit organization called, “For the Love of Grace,” that there are 25 families in the Denver area who could use a little extra help this Christmas season. The heart of Bevy is to help and encourage women in need, so we volunteered to assist 4 of these 25 families – four single moms, 3 who have children with extensive medical conditions.

“For the Love of Grace” was founded by Lisa Maille, a bereaved mom I met in our grief parenting class after the loss of our son. Lisa’s little girl, Gracia, passed away in January 2007, just weeks after Noah, and also after an extended stay at Children’s Hospital. We both know from personal experience how taxing, emotionally and financially, a child’s hospitalization can be on a family. “For the Love of Grace” is a 501©3 non-profit organization that “strives to better the lives of families experiencing financial and emotional difficulties due to a hospitalized child or a child with an ongoing illness.” They do this by showing God’s love in practical ways.

The stories of these women and their children are important, but to respect and honor their dignity, we won’t share every detail. Here is what we know:

  • One mom has three children. Her youngest is in a wheelchair and has a seizure disorder, along with other complications and a restrictive diet.
  • The second mother is a mom to 4 and has some health issues of her own, so is presently unable to work. Her youngest is a 1 year old who was a preemie and receives ongoing medical care. To add to it, this mom just became a grandma and is supporting her daughter and her child. (Third mama)
  • The fourth mama has 4 kids and is helping her medically fragile sister recover after some difficult personal times.

The cost of providing a meal and gifts for the moms and their children will be approximately $50 per person (15 people in all).

There are some specific ways to be involved:

  1. Financially support this collaborative effort by making a tax-deductible donation to Bevy (100% of YOUR DONATION WILL GO TO THESE FAMILIES) by hitting the “Donate” button on the side of this page.
  2. Email Adrienne at to learn the specific list of needs, and then purchase, on your own, some of those items, wrap them, and deliver them to Adrienne by Sunday, December 21st.
  3. Join a few other Bevies in the Denver area to purchase items on the list, as well as wrap them (email for details/dates/locations).
  4. And finally, be part of a team that delivers the meals and items to the moms (email for details/dates/locations).

We know there are so many needs on any given day and that many of you are already giving generously within your communities. If you are looking for a way to collaborate this season with some others and want to specifically encourage these single moms, please contact us.

*Bevy loves and supports women. Period. The views and beliefs of some of the organizations we network with may or may not be our own, but that doesn’t stop us from helping a sister out. 

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