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It’s time.

BE the Voice of Your own Story.


What can you expect during your weekend away with Bevy?


Bevy Retreats are intimate weekends where we make time to connect with old friends or meet new ones.

It’s unlike one you have ever attended. We dive into real issues, real hurts, real stories and real hope in a casual yet intentional setting ideal for connecting with other women and the God who made us and loves us

Through powerful, life-giving content, Bevy provides authentic speakers trained to equip and inspire you to find your voice to live your truest story.

It may look like you in your pajamas drinking strong coffee, having just rolled out of bed after a late night catching up with friends, or meeting new ones. It will involve laughter and there could be some tears. Come as you are, no make-up required. We don’t care if you wear your sweats the whole time! We pause to learn each other’s stories and how to share our own through Bevy’s unique story-telling curriculum. You will gain the most from our time together by being authentic with God, true to yourself, and intentional with the women who have gathered for the weekend.


We all have a story.


How will you tell yours?


“Girlfriends are sacred. They are part of our spiritual formation.”
Jessica Patay, President, We Are Brave Together


“Having girlfriends is not a luxury. It’s mandatory!”
Kristin Armstrong, Austin retreat


Hosting a retreat with your women’s group or girlfriends but don’t want to plan the content? Be in touch. We can help!
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