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Start a Bevy

Bevy is all about authenticity.  As an organization, our desire is to encourage candid and authentic venues for women to be as real as they need to be in order to start living and sharing their stories.

We have “Bevies” springing up all over the country.  Maybe you are already part of a group of women meeting and making a difference in your community.  That is AWESOME! We aren’t trying to put a name or “brand” on you! Just keep doing what you are doing. We have a group of Bevies who meet once a month and do a weekend away together, sharing intentionally as they get away. Another group ranges from their 20’s to late 50’s, meeting every Wednesday night out on the West Coast. There’s also a Bevy that meets every Friday morning and pays a sitter for their little ones while they get into one another’s stories. One Bevy makes it a shared meal each week…there is no “right” way to meet, it’s just a matter of intentionality. Just meet and celebrate one another!

What does it take to start a Bevy Group?

  • Authenticity
  • Consistency
  • Service to one another

Sounds pretty basic, doesn’t it?  It really is.  Yet things like comparison, the false pursuit of perfection, and “busyness” hold us back from the gift of friendship, a gift we all need to nourish our lives.  In sharing authentically, meeting together regularly, and serving one another, there is no telling what a Bevy of women may do.

To start a Bevy Group in your community, please email us for more information at

Continued encouragement, resources, and training are available to Bevy Group leaders on a regular basis.