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Some Exciting News!

Hi Bevies!  We’d love to share some exciting news with you!  For quite some time now my daughter has asked me if she could launch a kids’ branch of Bevy.  I’ve spent a lot of time praying about this, especially because I wanted it to be something born from her heart and not just my desire to work alongside her, if that makes sense?

Late last Fall she and I read the book, “Love Does” by Bob Goff.  We were both profoundly impacted by Bob’s ability to share stories and inspired with each one.  The whole concept is essentially, instead of talking about loving others, do it, because love does.  As we finished the book, we were saddened it was over, but encouraged for our lives to be part of the next chapters.  Bob’s name has come to be commonplace in our house, Emily referring to his stories often and even catching herself, wondering if she knows him in real life or was just that drawn into his writings, it was comfortable.  She’s even asked me if we can have him and his family over to dinner.

Through prayer and a little nudge from Bob Goff, my daughter is launching Bevy Kids, a branch of Bevy, where kids will encourage other kids to live life authentically.

Imagine, a generation starting out on a path of authentic living, encouraging one another in their unique differences, celebrating each other.  No bullying, just bravery.  Yeah, I know!  It makes my heart soar, too!

Without further ado, I introduce to you the new President of Bevy Kids, Emily.  Emily is 11 and in 6th grade.  Next year she has asked to be homeschooled so she can run with the vision of Bevy Kids, gathering kids in her community to encourage each other and serve together, along with bevies of kids around the country and world.  She has a dog who thinks its a cat, is a patient big sister, loves traveling and chocolate, does fashion design, has a pen pal in Kenya, and loves quietly collaborating for people in need.  Emily will be sharing as a regular contributor on the Bevy Blog.

This has been a dream of mine, but I had to hide it in my heart and hope it would one day be a dream of hers, as well.

This has been a dream of mine, but I had to hide it in my heart and hope it would one day be a dream of hers, as well.


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