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Bevy’s vision for building bridges between women through everyday peacemaking has caused us to ponder and pray about what living authentically looks like on a practical level.  We aren’t interested in leaving any woman out, so our vision is multi-faceted:

  •  First, “Bevies” or local gatherings, are at the heart of the Bevy vision. Small groups of women dig deeper into their stories by doing life together while connecting with women in need in their communities. This is where we begin to build bridges.
  • Next, Bevy Retreats are offered throughout the year centered around hearing stories and learning the skills of how to tell your own story. These are not blockbuster events where you’re one of thousands, lost in a crowd.  In addition to hearing a few stories in the large group, Bevy Retreats are designed with your story in mind, therefore a majority of a weekend will be spent in small groups where we really connect and are challenged.
  •  Third, the ripple effect continues from one woman to another as Bevy focuses on serving our sisters. Bevy will connect intentionally with other non-profit organizations promoting self-sustainability, serving girls and women in need in the developing world. This will be carried out through stealth collaborations, giving, and serving in practical ways.